The misalignment of pulleys can produce frequent breakdowns, and increase in noise and vibration, higher energy consumption and greater wear of belts and pulleys. Therefore, the precise alignment of pulleys is essencial to reduce the costs of maintenance.

Misalignment costs time and money…

One of the main reasons why un-planned stops in belt driven machines occur, the misalignment of the pulleys. The misalignment of the pulleys can increase wear, in the pulleys and the belts, as well as increase the noise levels and vibrations, as well as raise the energy consumption levels. On the other hand, the increment in vibration can cause a premature failure in the pulleys, which is another cause of un-planned stops in the machinery.

The traditional methods are inexact, they consume time while tests are run and only align the face of the pulley. Our service consists of the laser alignment of pulleys with the SKF BeltAlign tool. With this equipment we ensure a precise alignment where it is needed most: in the pulley slots, it also aligns pulleys of unequal width, or with different faces, to reduce even further the wear on the pulley and the belt. Its unique dual laser system, eliminates the need to do tests and allows you to obtain a quick and precise adjustment.

As a consecuence, industries spend enormous amounts of money every year to remedy the effects of misaligned shafts. However, the misaligned shaft may be eliminated easily through preventive maintenence to help, not only to save money, but also maintain the machine running for longer time and in a more effective way.

The traditional methods of shaft alignment, may be quick, but often don’t produce the grade of precision required by machinery today. Another traditional method is the empoyment of disc indicators. This method offers a higher grade of precision, but requires a specialist and is very time consuming.

  • Types of pulley misalignment
  • vertical angle misalignment
  • horizontal angle misalignment
  • parallel misalignment
  • Advantages of pulley alignment

Our pulley alignment service consists of:

  1. Visit to your plant facilities for previous inspection and verification of the conditions of alignment.
  2. Measuring the current state of alignment, through laser technology with the Belt Align TMEB 1 by SKF.
  3. Measurement analysis and recomendations of the movements to be efected to ensure the alignment conditions according to tolerance.
  4. Presentation of reports, in a period no longer than 3 days, with the following information:
  • Field work
  • Results
  • Conclusions
  • Recomendations

Our technical personel and the provided analysis are certifide and backed by the experience of: SKF

  • Reduction of wear on pulleys and belts
  • Reduction of friction and therefore, energy consumption
  • Reduction of vibrations and noise
  • Increase in bearing life
  • Increase in security, prevents the belt from turning on the pulley
  • Increase in machinery on time
  • Reduction in the cost of replacement of components and machinery.