A part is unbalanced when its center of mass (center of gravity) doesn’t coincide with its geometric center. This condition is caused by an uneven distribution of rotor weight around its geometric center.

Even when the majority of pieces or rotating parts are balanced by the manufacturer and before being mounted in its respected machine, once mounted, the passing of time and certain conditions in the mounting process, cause the machine to vibrate and for its components to need being re-balanced.

The balancing technique consists of identifying the cuantity of grams as well as the position in which a certain amount of mass must be placed to compensate the force applied by the un-balance effect.

Causes of inbalance

  • – Material wear
  • – bruising
  • – Material adhesions
  • – Changes in the condition of machinery operation ( velocity, work flow)

Advantages of dynamic balancing

  • – Elimination of vibration and mechanical damages
  • – Prolongs the life of bearings and other components in the machinery
  • – Reduces the electric consumption of the motor
  • – Reduction in risk conditions
  • – Reductions in repair costs
  • – Improvement in the efficiency of equipment and achieving a greater reliability of the plant

The experience of our certified staff, with the help of the latest SKF technology in our dynamic balancing system, allows us to guarantee the balancing work with the best precision.

Our dynamic balancing service consists of:

  • – Visit to your plant facilities to verify the equipment and the conditions under which the service is offered.
  • – Taking of amplitude and fase measurements to know the current state of balance in the machine. The Microlog CMXA 50 equipment is used.
  • – Analysis of measurements and execution of calculations, for recomendation of the corrected weights to be installed and ensure balancing conditions according to norm.
  • – Supervision of the instalation of recomended weights.
  • – Presentation of reports, in a period no greater than 5 days, with the following information:
  • – field work
  • – results
  • – conclusions
  • – recomendations
  • – Numeric registry of previous condition and current condition



Microlog CMXA 50


Portable FFT data colector/analyzer. Rout based bi-channel functioning. Software: SKF Machine analyst, Asset Efficiency Optimization & PRISM for windows.


  •  – 90 dB dynamic range allows you to detect and identify problems with greater precision and swiftness.
  • – 24 bit DPS Motorola processor that allows digital processing of the signals at 40kHz in real time.
  • – Maximum frequency range up to 40000 Hz, for the detection of failiures in bearings and high spead gears.

Our technical staff and the analysis provided are certified and backed by the experience of: SKF