Dimar was established in the republic of Panama on December 1st 1969 to commercialize Bardahl additives and lubricants. With perseverance and conviction to succeed, Aurelio Diaz, current president of the company, began the adventure selling its sole line in a market dominated by other brands, till achieving his position.

About a year and a half later, Dimar obtains the representation of the line of adhesives and sealants Permatex-Loctite. After three years it makes the first order of SKF bearings shared with Larsen, S.A. a company that later fuses with Dimar leaving the latter as sole representative and exclusive distributor of the brand in Panama.

In 1973 the Aguadulce branch opens its doors and in 1976 Rodamientos Panama, S.A. (Rodapan, S.A.) to meet the demands of spare parts for heavy equipment until 2000 when it was fused to Dimar.

In 1979, with the growth of Puerto de Vacamonte, a new building is created to locate Dimar Vacamonte, S.A. which supplies parts and supplies for shrimp and tuna boats, until December 1989 when it was looted completely and closed.

In October 2009, almost 40 years after the beginning of Dimar a new branch is opened in David, Chiriqui.

Dimar now has 3 branches, Vista hermosa, Aguadulce and David, successfully covering the needs of all customers and benefiting more than 100 Panamanian families.
It is part of a set of six (6) comapnies located strategically in different parts of the Republic of Panama and abroad, and retains its expansion plans with the goal of making more effective its work, the distribution of goods, technical assistance and customer service.

During its first 40 years, Dimar has gone through continuous innovation proccesses, introduced new product lines and brands, development of technical services offered to industries and training of its valuable human resource.

Aurelio diaz, his offspring, Cesar Diaz, Berta Diaz and Maria Luisa Diaz, other family members involved and the rest of the staff of the Dimar group, ensured that the company was growing steadily to become the market leader in Panama.