Dimar offers predictive and preventive maintenance for industrial machinery, through condition monitoring equipment. SKF’s experience and technologies used, along with certified technical staff, ensuring the quality and precision of work.

Vibration analysis service

Allows the inspection of the machine and its components, through studies and calculations of frequencies in the vibrational spectrum without the need to stop or disarm, to detect problems before catastrophic failures occur.


On site dynamic balancing service

Consists of identifying the number of grams and the position to be placed of a quantity of mass to offset the effect of the force of imbalance caused by uneven weight distribution of the rotor about its geometric center, eliminating vibration and mechanical damage.


Laser shaft alignment service

Misalignment occurs when the centerlines of rotation between the shafts of two machines do not match in a straight line. The shaft misalignment is responsible for almost 50% of interruptions in rotating machinery. The increase in the lifetime of bearings and machinery, decreased energy expenditure, are some of the benefits of laser alignment serviced shafts.


Pulley alignment service

Our service consists of laser pully alignment using the SKF BeltAlign. With this equipment we ensure accurate alignment where it is needed most: the grooves of the pulley. This service provides a range of benefits, including reduced friction, energy consumption, vibration and noise, wear on belts and pulleys, and increased lifetime of bearings.