Most failiures in machinery, no matter if they are of an electrical or mechanical nature, generate vibrations at a specific frequency. This vibration can correspond to failiures such as misalignment, cavitation, belt defects or loose belts, loosening of the foundation or base, damage in the bearings and many other defects.

A program of Vibration Analysis allows the inspection of a machine and it’s components, through a study and calculation of frequency in the spectrums of vibration, with out the need to stop or dismantle the machine. This analysis helps to detct all of these problems before catastrofic break downs occur, giving you benefits such as:

  • – Reduction in the high costs of unplanned maintenance.
  • – Considerabl resductions in spare parts inventory, due to a better knowledge of the machines state.
  • – Reductions in emergency work and extra time orders.
  • – More efficient repairs, because the repaired equipment can be carefully inspected to ensure the quality of the repairs.
  • – increase in production capacity, due to less rejections because of failiures caused by excesive vibration.
  • – Better safty conditions, as the machine are not conditioned to work until break down.

The Vibration Analysis program has as a goal, to achieve a long service with out interuptions of the essential equipment of the plant, to avoid costly stops and maintain th productive and efficient functioning of your plant.

Most common causes of vibration

  • – Misalignment (shafts, pulleys)
  • – Unbalancing
  • – Mechanical loosening
  • – Damage to bearings
  • – Damage to gears


Advantages of vibration analysis Maintenance cost reduction:

  • – Identifying and correcting the problems in machinery, before these become more serious and costly to repair.
  • – Increasing the efficiency in detecting failiures in machinery.
  • – Reduction of parts for maintenance in inventory.
  • – Identifies and replaces poor maintenance practices.
  • – reduces the cost of work hours of maintenance personel.
  • – Reduces the programed preventive maintenance, that can be costly and unnecesary.
  • – Improves the planning and maintenance programs.

Increase in production:

  • – Reduces the unexpected dead times due to breakdowns in the equipment.
  • – Increases the process speed and the speed of production.
  • – Increases the value of each machine due to the increase in annual production.
  • – Allows you to maintain a constant process quality.
  • – Increases the grade of reliability of the machinery, allowing on time completion of production orders.

Increase in total plant eficiency:

The profit derived from the reduction of costs in maintenance and increase in production, exceed several times over, the investment done in the application of service techniques of predicted maintenance.

  • – The savings that you obtain, can be applied directly to the profits of your company.
  • – Eliminmates the possibility of accidents and grave breakdowns, maintaining the productivity of the plant.

 Our vibration analysis services consist of:

1.- Inspection visit to the plant for verification of the equipment and establishing the measurement route.
2.- Taking of vibration measurements and other field parameters, with Microlog colector analyzer equipment from SKF.
3.- Analysis of measurements, diagnosing the conditions of work of the conjunctions of the machinery.

Presentation of reports with the following information:

  • – field work
  • – results
  • – conclusions
  • – recomendations
  • – Spectrum registry of the different points of medication for which it is considered relevant.